Sweets for all occasions, in jars or cones, a variety currently available and Popcorn Flavours for that special cart!

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Code: 000101

Liquorice Allsorts

Code: 000102

Rhubbard & Custard (Hard)

Code: 000103

Toffee Bonbons

Code: 000104

Coconut Mushrooms

Code: 000105

Bubblegum Bonbons

Code: 000106

Rhubbard & Custard Bonbons

Code: 000107

Dusted Milk Bottles

Code: 000108

Lemon Bonbons

Code: 000109

Cherry Bonbons

Code 000110

Raspberry Bonbons

Code: 000111

Foam Shrimps

Code: 000112

Foam Banana's

Code: 000113

Chocolate & Vanilla Fudge

Code 000114

Rhubbard & Custard (Soft)

Code: 000115

Love Hearts

Code: 000116

Strawberry Milkshake Bottles

Code: 000117

Jelly Babies

Code: 000118

Jelly Beans

Code: 000119

Wine Gums

Code: 000120

Foam Flumps

Code: 000121

Flying Saucers

Code: 000122

Powder Lollies

Code: 000123


Code: 000124

Violet & Fizzers Mix

Code: 000125

Rainbow Twists

Code: 000126

Fizzy Rainbow Belts

Code: 000127

Traffic Light Lollies

Code: 000128

Drum Sticks

Code: 000129


Code: 000130

White Chocolate Flavoured Stars

Code: 000131

Pink & White Mice

Code: 000132

Heart Throb

Code: 000133

Fruity Lollies

Code: 000134

Dolly Mixtures

Code: 000135

Pick n Mix Blue

Code: 000136

Fruit Pastels

Code: 000137

Liquorice Torpedo's

Code: 000138

Jelly Fruits

Code: 000139

Scary Snakes

Code: 000140

Medium Cola Bottles

Code: 000141

Candy Cones

Code: 000142

Pink Chocolate Hearts

Code: 000143

Gold Bears

Code: 000144

Terrific Turtles

Code: 000145

Milk Bottles

Code: 000146

Medium Fried Eggs

Code: 000147

Chocolate Jazzies

Code: 000148

Small Fried Eggs

Code: 000149

Candy Cables

Code: 000150

Jelly Hearts

Code: 000151

Foam Happy Flowers

Code: 000152

Blue Dolphins

Code: 000153

Chocolate Footballs

Code: 000154

Mega Pinkies

Code: 000155

White Chocolate Jazzles

Code: 000156


Code: 000157

Freaky Fish

Code: 000158

Happy Smiles

Code: 000159

White Chocolate Disco Disks

Code: 000160

Milk Chocolate Disco Disks

Code: 000161

Milk Chocolate Eggs

Code: 000162

Jelly Tots (Dew Drops)

Code: 000163

Liquorice Rock

Code: 000164

Milk Chocolate Peanuts

Code: 000165

Foam Mini Marshmallow Mushrooms

Code: 000166

Foam Teeth and Toothbrushes

Code: 000167

Milk Chocolate Raisin's

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This can hold 18 cones Small or Large and is available to hire either with cones or without.

Small & Large Cones available in a range of flavours, Pink, Blue, Rainbow and Cola Millions with a variety of sweets included. Ideal for that birthday party. These can be purchased individually for a birthday party. Just let us know what you want! (Postage will be added)

Code: 000200

Spiral Lollies

Code: 000210

Small Blue Cones


We have a range of lollies that can be purchased individually.

Code: 000211

Small Pink Cones

Code: 000201

Code: 000212

Small Cola Cones

Code: 000213

Small Rainbow Cones

Cones can be made in bulk for any party. Just contact us!

Code: 000215

Large Cones available in Pink, Blue, Cola and Rainbow

Popcorn flavours available are Caramel, Blue Raspberry, Sweet Corn, Red Hot Cinnamon, Salt, Butter or just Plain!

Sweet Bags in a range of colours to match your theme colour, supplied with your Sweet Cart